Fresh Fruit Soy Blend Wax Candle 10 oz

Fresh Fruit Soy Blend Wax Candle 10 oz

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Introducing our tantalizing 10 oz Fresh Fruit Para-Soy Candle, a delightful blend of fruity aromas that will transport your senses to a paradise of luscious scents. This candle is housed in a beautiful red jar and features a wood wick, providing a cozy and crackling ambiance as it burns for approximately 50 hours.

Immerse yourself in the mouthwatering fragrance of our Fresh Fruit Candle. With its vibrant and juicy notes, it captures the essence of freshly picked fruits, creating an irresistible and uplifting atmosphere in your space.

Indulge in the harmonious blend of orange, strawberry, apple, grapes, and coconut. The zesty citrus of orange dances alongside the sweet and succulent aroma of strawberries, creating a burst of freshness. The crisp apple adds a touch of tartness, while the juicy grapes provide a delectable sweetness. Finally, the tropical coconut adds a creamy and exotic note, rounding off the fragrance with a hint of indulgence.

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