Blue Sky Soy Blend Wax Candle 10 oz

Blue Sky Soy Blend Wax Candle 10 oz

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Introducing our refreshing Blue Sky Wood Wick Candle, a perfect companion for your house cleaning sessions. With its clean and invigorating scent, this 10 oz. candle captures the essence of a sunny, blue sky, creating a delightful atmosphere as you freshen up your space.

The Blue Sky candle is meticulously crafted to encapsulate the crisp fragrances of a bright, clear day. At the top, the juicy and succulent aroma of ripe peach and watermelon instantly uplifts your mood, filling the air with a refreshing sweetness that invigorates your senses.

As the fragrance develops, delicate notes of neroli and jasmine blossom, adding a touch of elegance and floral allure. The combination of these floral elements brings a sense of freshness and purity, reminiscent of a gentle breeze blowing through blooming flowers.

At the base, hints of musk and aquatic notes complete the scent profile, providing a clean and soothing finish. The subtle musk adds depth and warmth, while the aquatic notes evoke the sensation of a light, cool mist, adding to the overall freshness of the fragrance. Experience the joy of a sunny, blue sky every time you light this delightful candle. Embrace the freshness and let your surroundings shine.

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