Store Policies



It is the strict policy that under no circumstances do we sell or give away any information you provide us with to any outside or third parties. We keep in the strictest confidence, any information you provide us with via E-mail, through our Online Store (via order submission, form submission, etc.), written, phone, mail, or any other form of transmission. This information is limited to our company use only for filling your order and/or for periodic offers and information we will send to you via E-mail from time to time, if you have chosen to subscribe to our mailing list. PMC ALONE maintains this data and do not sell it, give it away, or share it with any unauthorized persons, companies, etc.


A "cookie" is a small file that is not even noticed by you. It is stored in your "Temporary Internet Files" directory when you access a web site that uses them. Cookies are used by almost all web sites you access while surfing the net. They may store information about the pages you visit, the files you access, and other information that serves to speed your connection, or eliminate redundancy and wasted time loading web pages. Additionally, they may be used to personalize your web surfing experience. Many E-commerce sites use cookies to help them identify which pages their customers visit most, which products are viewed or accessed the most, as well as many other important pieces of data they use to personalize your web browsing experience.

We implement "cookies" on our site so that as you select items to purchase, information about that item is stored for use on the order form or your saved cart. Additionally, when you login to your account, a "cookie" is created so that you do not have to reenter your name, address, etc... when you complete our online "SECURE" order form. Cookies also give you access your Saved Cart or a Previous Order. Cookies are essential for the shopping cart to function properly. The cookies we use do not give us any personal information about our customers, but they do tell us which pages they encounter errors or bugs on. This helps us correct problems, and keep providing product pages people are interested in.

Cookies are designed to enhance your web browsing experience, and as long as the site you visit is reputable, will cause no harm to your system. Under normal, everyday surfing of the Internet, cookies do not harm your system.

It is a good idea however, to periodically clear your "Temporary Internet Directory" this can be done in Internet Explorer by clicking "tools" then "Internet options" then under Temporary Internet Files, click "delete".

Return Policy

We take a lot of pride in hand-pouring every one of our candles in store, every day.  Our candles are made using natural soy wax, pure fragrance oils, and wood wicks, resulting in a candle that is cleaner burning, true-to-scent, and long-lasting.  

If your candle (or other scented product) doesn't burn exactly the way you think a candle should perform, please contact us at info@pampermecrazy,com or (800) 305-5315 so we can make it right!   Please contact us before proceeding with the below.

We will exchange candles in their original condition within 30 days of purchase along with a copy of your original invoice. Call us to find out how to make your exchange. 800.305.5315.

Due to the nature of our business, we do not accept any returns on bath and body products once the package is opened. If you received the wrong order, send us an email immediately and we will replace it. Once you open the product, we cannot accept it for return or refund. Our bath and body products are very personal items, and we are sure you understand why we cannot accept returns.

You are responsible for return shipping costs (unless the product is damaged or defective). Your original payment method will be charged or credited when the return/exchange is processed.


It is the responsibility of the user of our bath and body products to make sure they are not allergic to our products. Everyone’s skin is different, and you must test products as you would anything else. If you are known to have sensitive skin, please test the product on a small part of your arm for a few days prior to using it all over.